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U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and Appellate Update Powerpoint Presentation Sentencing Commission - 2016 Proposed Amendments to Definition of Crime of Violence

Sentencing Commission - 2016 Proposed Amendments to Sentencing Guidelines

Circuitwide CJA Policies effective Jan 1 2016

CJA Panel Application Information

Criminal Defense Manual - (D.N.J. 2010) - A Practical Guide to Federal Criminal Defense in the District of New Jersey

An Introduction to Federal Sentencing, Fourteenth Edition (2012) - A paper providing an overview of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, to facilitate gaining a Working Knowledge of Guideline Sentencing.

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions: Padilla v. Kentucky - Office of Immigration Litigation, US DOJ, Civil Division

Tips on the Bureau of Prisons

Defender Services Office Training Division



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Pretrial Services Forms (Standing Order Regarding Passports)

Presentence Investigation Forms (including Form 1, release forms, and financial worksheets)

Supervised Release Forms (including logs, travel requests, and monthly supervision reports)